About Us

FRF is a non-profit organisation set up in Nigeria in 2020. We believe religious freedom is a fundamental human right and we work to protect that right. We also believe that violations of religious freedom are a source of conflict and acrimony that damage our unity as a nation.

Our founding trustees are lawyers and human rights activists. See our Trustees and Officers here.

Our Aims

Our mission is to advance the peaceful co-existence of different religions and national unity by promoting:

    1. The freedom for individuals to practice and manifest their religion within the civil law.
    2. Tolerance for people with alternative views.
    3. Respect for the constitution, the rule of law and human rights above religious ideologies and practices.
    4. Freedom for individuals to change their religion or have no religion and to raise their children accordingly.

What we do

Nigeria is one of the most religious nations in the world and Nigerians take their religions very seriously. This is fine until a conflict occurs. When it does, emotions are inflamed and people can resort to violence. Our task is to target this passion to benefit the nation and away from anger and conflict.

Our work covers three main areas:

    1. Education
    2. Campaigns
    3. Helping people

We publish articles, participate in public discussions and engage in social media to explain what religious freedom is, and how it helps us all.

We make the public aware of our views on current issues in Nigeria where we believe they have a bearing on religious freedom.

We offer advice and support to people whose religious freedom has been violated. In some cases, we may sue the Government, States, or other organisations to restore the person’s rights,


We are open to working with organisations and individuals within Nigeria and internationally who share our aims. We are happy to collaborate on specific campaigns or build longer-term relationships. We are stronger together.

How You Can Help

If you want to help, please make contact, details here.

Soon, we will offer memberships, so you can become a member of the Foundation. We will also provide a way for you to make a donation on our website. If you are a member of an organisation that shares our aims, please contact us so we discuss options for collaboration.

Thank you!