The Foundation for Religious Freedom is a campaigning organisation. We have to initiate a national debate about the importance of religious freedom and what it means. Some Nigerians may have to make sacrifices to allow religious freedom to flourish. We have to explain how these sacrifices will be repaid many times over in benefits to individuals and in international respect for our country. This debate is a campaign. We work at the sharp edge between religious rights and human rights.
We also campaign to repeal all laws that take away or diminish our Constitutionally guaranteed human rights.
Finally, we campaign to help people whose human rights have been eroded by the overzealous application of religious preferences, practices or dogma. We will publicise such cases, lobby politicians and state actors and we may use the law to defend victims.
These are likely to be new ideas for many Nigerians and we expect opposition but our aim will always be to do the right thing, not to do the easy thing.
If you agree with us, join us. Get in touch and tell us how you can help. Contact us here.

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