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We Nigerians are citizens of Nigeria and that simple fact gives us certain fundamental human rights that are spelled out in the Federal Constitution and in treaties Nigeria has ratified, such as the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights. No matter in which state we live or what religion we follow, our human rights are equal. These rights are conferred on us because we are Nigerian citizens.

Human rights are called “rights” because they cannot legally be taken away. They are not discretionary, not conditional and are non-negotiable.

Nigeria has evolved a pluralistic legal system with Customary Law, Shariah Law, Penal Codes and Criminal Codes. These all have a place but there is one thing none of these legal codes can do—they cannot take away a single human right that applies to all citizens. Human Rights are sacrosanct.

If you agree with these fundamental principles, believe they are important and want to defend them, you should join FRF. If you see these principles are under attack, you should join FRF. If you understand that these principles can make Nigeria a safer, fairer and more progressive nation that will be widely respected among the nations of the world, you should join FRF. If you wish to protect people whose rights have been violated and their lives imperilled, you should join FRF.

These are the things we stand for; and fighting for Nigerian citizens’ rights is what we do.

In due course, we will implement a membership system and provide a way to donate towards our work. But there are things you can do today, right here, right now:

    1. Send us an email and tell us what you think of our approach, tell us about human rights abuses we have not yet covered or offer to volunteer. Contact us here. Volunteer here.
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